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Huijbers Addiction Care

Huijbers Addiction Care (HAC) offers help with addiction and dosage problems. We support people who want to work intensively on their recovery, but discreetly and with as little disruption to daily life as possible. We also support people who have reached their lowest point and can no longer see a way out.
In addition to the addiction treatment, attention is also paid to any underlying psychiatric disorders and related problems. And of course attention is paid to those close to the client, who in general have to endure at least as much. From a thorough intake, in which all medical, social and administrative aspects are discussed, to an extensive treatment plan and – if desired – an aftercare process. We will refer you to other health care professionals if necessary.

Huijbers Addiction Care is also available for healthcare professionals. Whether it concerns (general) doctors who want to obtain advice or professionals in addiction care, who need support with intake and treatment or even need help with streamlining of procedures. Huijbers Addiction Care knows the (inter)national world of addiction care inside and out.

Health care professionals

GP’s, but also professionals in addiction care, need decisive and expert support. From diagnosis to setting up a treatment plan and the treatment itself; Huijbers Addiction Care combines the knowledge and experience to support both GP’s and therapists in addiction care.


Addiction is a disease. This requires careful, expert-driven, confidential and tailor-made treatment. Huijbers Addiction Care offers it. With a team of professionals and – if desired – cooperation with various clinics at home and abroad, we can start and supervise the entire process – from diagnosis and treatment plan to aftercare.

Huijbers Addiction Care. Expertise for successful recovery.