About Tom

Huijbers Addiction Care

Huijbers Addiction Care (HAC) was founded in 2020 by Tom Huijbers. Tom (1955) held various management positions before opting for recovery in 2004, putting an end to his active addiction. This expertise, coupled with an intensive training (International Addiction Counselor Training Program and various relevant courses) makes Tom a professional therapist who can empathize with the world of the addict, but also knows professional addiction care inside and out. In a personal capacity, Tom has supported countless addicts on their way to recovery. In addition, he has been working for many years as a freelance practitioner for various renowned clinics at home and abroad. Not only for the benefit of clients, but also in streamlining internal processes, strengthening the care team and improving the organizational structure. With a flexible, multidisciplinary layer of specialists, Huijbers Addiction Care bundles all the knowledge and experience necessary to provide professional support for both patients and care providers.

Huijbers Addiction Care. For successful recovery.